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Art Flo Summer Camp

One and Two Hour Options Available.

  • 239$
    Every week
    Perfect for beginners seeking daily classes!
    • 6 One- Hour Sessions
    • Art, Music, and Writing Skills
    • Learning About Mind & Body
  • 450$
    Every week
    2-hours of fun six days a week!
    • 6 Two- Hour Sessions
    • Music, Art, and Writing Skills
    • Learn about Mind & Body

At Art Flo Summer Camp

We will explore your child's love of creative works by using art, music, and writing.  With the combination of the three they are able to express their emotions in a new way.  We are here to work with each child individually, but also include them in group settings to heighten their communication skills.



Whether it will be splattered, put in a ziplock bag and patted, painted, or any other form the relief of pain and anger going onto a canvas is very satisfying.  Children bottle up a lot and turn to bad behavior for attention.  This will show them how to self soothe!

Musician Silhouette


Different children respond each in their own way.  We will use different tones of music such as jazz and classical music to soothe their mind and create a calm and relaxed state of being.  We will also show the difference between music frequencies and why certain music makes you feel the way it does.

Writing with Pen


Writing how they feel on the canvas, then covering it with a beautiful piece of art.  We encourage honesty and to speak on the negative.  Turning "faults" in their eyes to something positive.  It is all about growth.

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